Sale- ‘Limited Edition’ Himalayan Scrub - 1000 MG CBD

Sale- ‘Limited Edition’ Himalayan Scrub - 1000 MG CBD

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‘Limited Edition’ Himalayan Salt Scrub - 1000 MG CBD

Our Himalayan salt scrub features pink Himalayan sea salt- nourishing sea minerals and 1000 MG of CBD for skin regeneration. Himalayan sea salt helps tone and soften skin's texture. It calms irritated, itchy, and rough skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, a great accompaniment to those with eczema psoriasis and chronic dry skin. The cleansing ability helps improve the skin's overall health and reduces the appearance of dark spots. 

Enhanced with bergamot oil, which has strong anti-microbial and antibacterial properties, a natural astringent, with clarifying and oil-reducing properties that make it ideal for anyone suffering from overactive sebum production.

It’s a balancing addition to formulas aimed at dealing with oily skin- bergamot will penetrate and unclog pores, while respecting your skin’s natural lipid barrier, neither over-drying nor stripping. 

Applied to post-blemish marks, bergamot oil works to stimulate skin cell renewal, redistributing skin pigments for an even and toned complexion.

Bergamot is the most effective tonic for live blemishes and bacterial induced pore clogging- the perfect addition to our Himalayan salt scrub for use on the face and body. 


INGREDIENTS: Himalayan Dead Sea Salt, organic coconut oil, bergamot oil, CBD Isolate.

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