Bio - Heather Brady


Heather Brady is a plant medicine advocate, mother of three, and a successful entrepreneur. With a focus on English Rhetoric from the University of Alaska, she combines exceptional communication skills with extensive business and entrepreneurship experience.

After personally experiencing the pain from multiple surgeries and expecting her first child, Heather founded Beyond Wellness with a mission to provide natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Her own journey inspired her to explore the benefits of plant medicine and she firmly believes in the mantra "karma not pharma."

As the founder of Beyond Wellness, Heather is dedicated to providing the community with the purest and most potent plant medicine products. From lotions and lip balms to bath bombs, tinctures, and dog treats, her range is crafted with sustainability and accessibility in mind.

Beyond Wellness stands out for its vegan and sustainable practices, ensuring the highest quality products on the market. Heather's commitment to affordable pricing makes plant medicine accessible to all, promoting overall well-being within the community.

With a strong emphasis on quality and safety, all Beyond Wellness products are 100% handcrafted, GMP certified, and fully federally and state legal. Heather's passion for plant medicine advocacy drives her mission to empower individuals to prioritize their wellness.

Heather Brady's unwavering commitment to wellness, sustainability, and accessible pricing has made her a respected figure in the plant medicine industry. She continues to inspire others to embrace the benefits of plant medicine while maintaining the highest standards of quality and ethical practices.