The UGLY side of CBD

The UGLY side of CBD

Today’s topic is the ugly side of CBD, a subject matter that can only be shadowed by the governments inference of CBD as a narcotic for so many years is bound to have some shady components. From unregulated vape pens to MLMS- The CBD market is downright cowboy country. Each year the cannabis industry, and CBD, will add billions to its market share; it is estimated to be valued at around 8 Billion by 2022. As it grows exponentially, consumers have a new need to educate themselves on which companies and products can be trusted. Let’s talk about some of the main reasons people may want to stay away from a CBD product line.


Its no wonder that products derived from cannabis can contain residual amounts of THC; that said there are two types of CBD, and endless methods of consumption to choose from, we caution you to choose wisely. From the Law weekly- “You should also keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will pass the drug test if you consume full-spectrum CBD products. The safer bet would be to consume broad-spectrum CBD or isolate form of CBD if your local laws are strict.”

At BEYOND we use pure CBD isolate in all our formulations, and our CBD is certified Hemp Derived. Zero risk of not passing a drug test, or inadvertently consuming psychoactive THC. Everyone has a right to know what is going in their body, especially those with a reason not to consume THC. Look out for testing, clear and easily accessible when you shop for CBD.

  1. MLMS

With a market share so rapidly expanding there will never be a short of shady suppliers who are poised to make a quick buck at you, the consumer’s expense. This subject is a matter of professional and personal preference. No one wants to get tricked by business, support local and supporting small are values that all our customers hope they are promoting.

So why then do some companies require you to “buy-in”? Does their story of family owned and operated really hold water? Do your research! Is it really the façade of some golden-haired beauty, or some old crone with a poisoned apple? Know who’s behind the name! If a company asks you to spend thousands of dollars to help share the message of KARMA NOT PHARMA and promote plant medicine, they’re probably not in it for the right reasons.


“On December 22, the Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”) issued new warning letters to five companies that illegally sold and marketed unapproved CBD products, which the companies claimed could prevent, diagnose, mitigate, treat or cure various medical conditions… This latest round of enforcement actions was triggered by specific concerns with the manner in which <sic> many of these CBD products were administered, namely through nasal, ophthalmic and inhalation routes.” Not only are companies out there knowingly manufacturing unregulated inhalants, they’re making a huge profit.

It’s no surprise that people like the action of smoking to ingest. It’s been a human constant for thousands of years. But is it safe? Vape pens have been proven to cause serious respiratory issues “because the ingredients and potential impurities in oral inhalation sprays may trigger laryngospasm and bronchospasm and may be toxic to the tissues in the upper or lower airways.”

In addition, due to the lack of regulation, Vitamin E acetate has been found in thousands of samples of vape pens distributed throughout the united states. When super-heated from the coils in a pen, the Vitamin E forms into tiny droplets that can be breathed in. It also gives the pen a diluted golden color which is attractive to consumers. But what happens when the formula cools back down in the body? Therein lies the issue- hundreds of cases of people are popping up with respiratory issues related to vaping, a study by USA today showed that “29 patients with vaping-related lung illness tested recently had greasy vitamin E acetate from THC in their lungs.” Its all over the news, and hard to ignore. But just as the risk of smoking cigarettes doesn’t make a consumer stop, the people are hooked and it’s a hard habit to quit.


When you go to a dispensary you expect to find the most potent, trusted products on the market. So why are they selling a 250 mg CBD pain cream you ask? Or no options for CBD at all expect consumables? Dispensaries don’t have the selection you’d expect when it comes to CBD. Dispensaries are geared to providing cannabis derived products. When you have to pay a Medical Marijuana Tax, State Sales Tax, additional 6 percent tax and a local tax its no wonder the dispensaries aren’t interested in applying that to a hemp derived CBD product in which the tax would be imposed, but not necessary.

“The statewide base sales tax rate is 7.25 percent — 6 percent state tax, plus a 1.25 percent mandatory local tax. Local jurisdictions can apply an additional tax of up to 3 percent, bringing total sales tax as high as 10.25 percent.. All cannabis legally sold in California comes with a 15% excise tax, a cultivation tax by weight and regular state sales tax - cities and counties can tack on their own taxes.”

Wow, the American colonists of 1773 would lose their ever-loving mind. It’s no wonder the dispensaries don’t add hemp derived CBD. The outrageous mark up required would simply make it price gouging.

Stay educated my friends! And stick to the brands that study the facts and formulate based on the science. #KARMANOTPHARMA












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