Science just caught up - FULL SPECTRUM CBD ISOLATE

Science just caught up - FULL SPECTRUM CBD ISOLATE

Research shows that whole – plant extracts like full spectrum work well and have a broad therapeutic window when compared to CBD isolate or pure CBD. But CBD full spectrum only seems to be available in distillate, which can contain residual solvents, lipids, fats, and other plant matter that, let’s face it, no one wants on or in their body.

Isolate refers to CBD that has been isolated from the plant, while it may require higher doses to be effective, it’s a pure output product that delivers a punch and no nonsense potent dose of pure CBD.

At BEYOND CBD our research and products are always on the forefront of the industry, and science just caught up. Our development team is creating an entire line of FULL SPECTRUM CBD ISOLATE PRODUCTS. All the pure CBD, entourage effect you’re going for, terpenes, and all the cannabinoids combined without any of the solvents.

The entourage effect refers to the synergistic manner in which the more that 80 cannabinoids and 100+ terpenes in any plant work together and encourage healing. Composition of full spectrum CBD isolate and it’s benefits:


  1. Cannabinoids
    1. CBC – Cannabichromene is considered a minor cannabinoid but helps boost their effects, by preventing the breakdown of endocannbinoids, CBC is known to help increase the amount of chemicals in the body such as Anandamide – which can help lift depression and control pain. This chemical also works in concert with the other cannabinoids to deepen euphoria, elevated mood and calm.
    2. CBG- Cannabigerol plays a big part in the overall affect of THC and CBD, scientists have nicknamed CBG “the Mother of All Cannabinoids.” Notably CBG starts out as CBGA – also known as cannabigerolic acid similar to the way THC starts out as THCA. Cannabinoids lose their A’s through decarboxylation aka “lighting it up.” CBG is a natural “bliss molecule” and helps block serotonin reuptake, which also makes it a powerful muscle relaxer and antidepressant.
    3. CBN Cannabinol is a powerful sedative, it calms in a similar was to valium without all the side effects, it is known to bind with the TRPV2 receptor to mitigate pain sensation, and the CB2 receptor which transmits pain.
    4. THC-A or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, aka a mouthful - is a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain suppressor. A no brainer for topical products, creams and balms infused with THCA are useful for calming pain and inflammation via the CB2 receptors located throughout the body.


  1. THC – the effects of THC vary widely depending on the person, but the research is clear, THC in small doses coupled with other cannabinoids help the body metabolize the compounds. THC is linked to mitigating the anxiousness, and lack of concentration experienced by some with THC alone. THC of course, has undeniable benefits as a painkiller, to quell nausea, and stimulate appetite.


  1. Terpenes are defined as the unique aroma oils found in fully developed Cannabis Sativa flower resin, and in full spectrum CBD. While some terpenes are found in almost every hemp plant, each different strain of the CBD flower has a unique terpene ratio, and certain rare terpenes are almost impossible to find. Different cannabis types and their derived consumer output are commonly referred to with names of ‘strains,’ but due to a poor reporting and an inexorable amount of crossing and interbreeding, ‘strains’ are almost impossible to define genetically, lack a level of standardization throughout the marketplace, and a poor system for reproducibility of terpene profiles. The composition and biological interactions of terpenes have been linked to properties as antioxidants.


Due to frivolous legal restrictions that prevented researchers from studying cannabis and its effects on humans, a thorough understanding of the biosynthetic systems of the less popular photo cannabinoids and their medicinal properties has been less than consistent. Now, in the pioneering age of cannabis research, we are finding that using multiple cannabinoids together has tangible health benefits that compliment CBD’s myriad of applications. FULL SPECTRUM CBD ISOLATE- COMING SOON! #karmanotpharma



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