CBD's Effect on Neurotransmitters

 CBD is an exciting new integrative, plant-based, sustainable option for those struggling with any of the aforementioned chronic conditions, as well as many more. By exploring the science behind CBD’s interaction with neurotransmitters we are becoming increasingly less dependent on pharmaceuticals and more enlightened about the options that come from nature.


CBD has the ability to bind a variety of neurotransmitter receptors in the brain and nervous system and has a varied array of effects. This allows for potentially new treatment methods that could be able to complement current therapies and replace options are not proving effective; or carry a laundry list of side effects.

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Does CBD cure cancer? No, but the science shows it does kill cancer causing cells, make them more sensitive to radiation treatment, stop them from creating a vascular system, and help alleviate the symptoms of these harsh treatments- improving  overall health and quality of life. #cancersucks but living with it doesn’t have to. Contact us for compassionate patient pricing. #karmanotpharma
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A New Way for Chronic RA

In a recent study, CBD was shown to suppress localized T-cell function and activity. This suggests that the cannabinoid may be the only scientifically-backed drug prove to to be capable of treating the underlying cause of RA.

The efficacy and safety of CBD to reduce pain and inflammation in the treatment of patients with persistent symptoms of RA and AS is beginning to gain traction in the medical community as controlled studies are consistently producing promising results.

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